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Dear Colleagues:

After speaking with various Family Medicine Physicians, other referring physicians and the emergency medicine leadership in the area, we would like to introduce Children’s After Hour Clinic (CAHC) to serve providers and ther patients in the city of London and surrounding areas.

CAHC provides referring physicians with four timeline options to ensure that their patients are seen is as timely a fashion as possible. To allow for maximum flexibility, guidance is intentionally not provided on the type of cases that may be ascribed to any tier.

Tier 1: Needs to been see immediately

Tier 2: Needs to be seen next day

Tier 3: Need to be seen within 5 working days

Tier 4: Routine may be seen in 10 – 15 working days

Referrals may be made electronically, by facsimile or by direct phone contact.

CAHC will provide consultation on common pediatric and newborn general health and acute medical concerns, such as asthma, growth and development, and school, behavioural and family problems. Acute or chronic sports injuries, such as concussion, sprains, strains and the like, which are often referred to the emergency deparment are also welcome.

Cahc is similar im scope to a clinic previously develped by Dr. D’Souza in the Hamilton area to support the region’s Children’s Hospital, reguinal and local emergency departments, as well community physician. This clinic decreased wait-times across the region and in the pediatric emergency department, and we hope to accomplish the same locally. Although all the pediatricians associated with the clinic provide primary care, these services are generally directed to complex pediatric patients. This clinic is not intended to increase our primary care practices.

The CAHC will be co-located with the Children’s After Hour Clinic. We hope to recruit other pediatricians located across the region into this venture as demand dictates.

Thank you for your attention. We welcome your feedback, questions or concerns.

Sincerely, Richard Lubell.


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